Cephalo Consulting, LLC

Cephalo Consulting, LLC provides executive and management effectiveness coaching and consulting services. Contact us today at (317) 379-4637.

Cephalo Consulting, LLC was established to help functional leaders holistically connect the dots and close the loop in strategic and operational planning through organizational capability planning – a collaborative, thought-to- action partnership.



Consulting and Coaching Premise

Cephalo Consulting views organizations as living, breathing functional organisms with many combinations of complex, interdependent and integrated functional/ technical and social systems.

Adding to this complexity is an ever-changing competitive landscape that imposes demands on organizations to competitively differentiate their capabilities to be convincingly relevant, responsive and flexible to customer preferences.  Contact us today at (317) 379-4637.

Joseph O. Murdock

Founder and Managing Principal of Cephalo Consulting, LLC

As Founder and Managing Principal of Cephalo Consulting, LLC, Joe Murdock uses his broad experience and expertise to help leaders strategically and operationally advance the capability of their business to achieve mission-critical objectives. His approach is focused on “Capability Planning – Connecting the Dots”, which integrates the interdependencies between the organization’s Mission, Service/Product Portfolio, Strategy, Structure, People and Performance Indicators for optimal, holistic success.  Contact Joe today at (317) 379-4637.

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