Tsunami Leadership™

Swimming Effectively in Organizational Turbulence



Cephalo Consulting views organizations as living, breathing functional organisms whose work environments may be characterized by a tsunami of complex, interdependent and integrated functional/technical and social systems with fluid “rules of engagement”.

Adding to this complexity is an ever-changing competitive landscape that imposes demands on organizations to competitively differentiate their capabilities to be convincingly relevant, responsive and flexible to customer preferences.




It is in this organizational “pool” that leaders are invited to “swim” and demonstrate proficiency in their ability to navigate the strategic, operational and cultural pathways critical to mission achievement.

I define these pathways as formal and informal rules of engagement.


In the organizational pools, leaders are required to swim productively even when:

  • It’s not clear where the water is shallow;
  • The water level transitions to a deep drop;
  • A whirlpool presents itself;
  • There are sharks in the water; and/or
  • A tidal wave is looming.

Investing in holistic leadership effectiveness coaching can be a productive intervention – especially when leaders are required to competently swim in a complex environment of work but may not be sufficiently practiced at doing so.

Pay It Forward


Cephalo Consulting, LLC

Cephalo Consulting was established to help executives and functional leaders advance their capability to lead skillfully and strategically within ongoing organizational storms.

Using the Organizational Capability Planning Framework, I provide leadership coaching and consulting services and tools to help leaders connect the dots to effectively navigate the organization’s formal and informal rules of engagement within complex work environments.

This is a collaborative, thought-to-action partnership.

Cephalo Consulting, LLC provides executive and management effectiveness coaching and consulting services. Contact us today at (317) 379-4637.